Quick start

1. Quick start

  • Step 1: Register
    Register your account on roxlabds platform and activate the account successfully.
  • Step 2: Purchase
    Select the traffic that applies to you and purchase
  • Step 3: Obtaining the account password
    In the account dashboard, get usename and password
  • Step 4 : Configuration parameters
    Configure the call related parameters to complete the proxy

2. Follow us

  • Email: Give us the latest news or your questions on the email, and we will reply within 1 working day.
  • Online customer service: customer service at the bottom, submit feedback to us.
Use Guide

Sign Up

  • You need to prepare a valid email, and then go to the Management Console to register. After registration, your registered email will receive an account activation email. You need to sign in to your email to complete account activation.

Free flow

  • After activating the account, get 500M free Flows.

Buy Flow

The service is on, start using it right away!

Access Abnormity Examination Methods

1. key and secret required

Key or Secret didn’t pass on request , please get the Key of corresponding proxy in the network page.

2. key and secret can not be empty

Parameter of Key and parameter of secret were empty , please add the Key of corresponding proxy in the Network Page

3. user not valid

Key or secret were verified failed, please get the right proxy Key or Secret

4. port taken up overlimit

The numbers of port concurrence are out of limit , you need to upgrade the pricing plan, please contact our service manager to solve them.

5. register faild, proxy device not enough

There are no proxies to use, please transfer to other countries, Brazil , Mexico, Indonesia and Thailand for your reference. If you cannot connect them, please contact our customer service manager

6. can't unregister, port invalid or your ip address changed

Port invalid or your ip address changed ,please re-upload the right parameter a=clear , release all the bound ports of the specified country

7. unregister faild, port invalid

Double release the ports, released successful

8. clear faild, param geo invalid

Release a country , wrong country parameter , please fill the right country parameter

9. target port not support

Connect Port failed, when it is bound, please contact service manager to solve it.

10. action success

Bind or Unbind successful

11. register faild, proxy device not enough

The static residential proxies are not enough in this country, please transfer to other countries, Brazil and Mexico for our reference
Common Problems

1. What Type Of Proxy Of Roxlabs

At present, Roxlabs only supports dynamic residential IP, but mobile phones (4G network), static houses and data centers are being added

2. How does our proxy bill

  • 1. Dynamic residential proxys are billed through traffic, and the number of proxys used is not limited

3. How to buy and start using

After logging in to the dashboard, select a monthly package type in the pricing plan and complete the subscription. The account will receive the corresponding package amount and start using your business. The system will deduct the account amount based on consumption in real time.

4. What payment methods are supported

We support paypal. If you encounter a recharge failure, please contact our customer service staff.

5. How to get an invoice

Please contact our customer service personnel to obtain the invoice

6. What should I do if I cannot receive the registration and login verification codes in my mailbox

  • 1. It may be misjudged as spam, please check your trash can
  • 2. In order to ensure that you can receive mail normally, please add the mail to the whitelist of your mailbox