Frequently Asked Questions


You need to prepare a valid email, and then go to the Management Console to register. After registration, your registered email will receive an account activation email. You need to sign in to your email to complete account activation.
After account activation, you can sign in to the Management Console to purchase services.

Failed to register

1. It may be misjudged as spam, please check your trash can.
2. In order to ensure that you can receive mail normally, please add the mail to the whitelist of your mailbox.


After signing in the Management Console, you can click the left navigation 【Products】 menu item to enter the proxy credentials and product package management page.
In the 【Purchase】 option page, there are many optional packages. You can select the appropriate package and quantity according to your business needs. Click purchase to generate a purchase order for you.
At present, we only support PayPal payment. After the PayPal payment order is completed, you can see the proxy credentials you purchased on the 【Package(s)】 option page.

How is the flow calculated?

The traffic we want to charge is the sum of the data transmitted between the incoming and outgoing stations and the target station: request header + request data + response header + response data.

Do you offer a package without traffic?

No, our pricing model is based on traffic usage. Each GB is based on the minimum monthly usage; The higher the usage, the lower the unit price. You can get a free trial to evaluate our solution and determine your expected monthly traffic.

How many concurrent connections do you allow?

No restrictions

How can you contact us?


What Ports Should Be Open On The Firewall For It To Work?

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