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Competitor intelligence and market research
In order to keep your business moving forward, you always need to be one step ahead of your competitors. You can do this by collecting and analyzing competitor data. This data from different competitor sources can help you conduct market research and improve your business strategy based on the survey results. The most significant challenge for competitor intelligence and market research is to obtain accurate competition data, deal with misleading data, or even lose access to these data.

Collect market data on a large scale

The best solution to any market research challenge is to utilize a residential proxies network. Residential proxys hide your IP address so that they can visit competitors' websites, act as regular users, and obtain valuable data. Through country, state, and city-level positioning, you can use millions of residential IPs around the world to bypass any geographically restricted content. Easily integrate with any third-party tools, allowing you to embark on the road to commercial success.

Use Roxlabs to access any network data

Roxlabs is the fastest residential proxies provider, providing real and active residential IP for all market research and competitive intelligence activities.
By leveraging a dynamic P2P network containing millions of IPs worldwide and optimized IP pools, Roxlabs is the ultimate solution for collecting web data at higher speeds and lower $/GB rates.

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