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Jarvee is a social media management tool that allows you to arrange posts for instagram, Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, pinterest, reddit, youtube and other social media websites. It is a very intelligent tool for social media operations. People often use it to manage multiple social media accounts at the same time, arrange posting and advertisement management, In order to increase their work efficiency.

However, as social media websites are getting better and better in detecting and blocking automatic accounts, they will face the risk of blocking when using one IP to operate multiple accounts on one platform. Therefore, when using jarvee to operate accounts automatically, people will also set up proxies to avoid account blocking. So how to set the proxy of roxlabs in jarvee?

1. Log in to jarvee account and click proxy manager.

2. Click Add proxy.

3. Fill in the corresponding IP + port number and account password obtained from roxlabs.

Note: if the proxy authentication selects IP white list authentication, you do not need to fill in the account password.

4. Finally, click verify all proxies, and the status is displayed as valid, indicating that the proxy configuration is successful and can be used.


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