How do I create a proxy server

1.Set up the proxy service on a Windows computer:

(1)Open Windows Explorer.

(2)Enter "Internet Properties"

(3)Click the Connect TAB.

(4)Navigate to LAN Settings

(5)Select the first check box under Proxy Server

(6)Click Advanced

(7)Enter your proxy address and port (for example, 8020) under HTTP.

(8)The Use the same proxy server check box should be selected.

(9)Click OK and Apply to save your proxy Settings.

2.Create a proxy server on a Mac:

(1)Launch the system preferences menu.

(2)Select the Network TAB.

(3)Find the advanced option and select it.

(4)Then, select the proxy option. Here, if you choose automatic proxy discovery, you can automatically set up the proxy, and your computer will configure everything itself.

(5)Alternatively, you can do this manually. You must then click on the type of broker and enter its port and address (the port is small) in the appropriate field. If the server is password protected, you (6)may also need to enter proxy server credentials.

(7)When you're done, click OK to save your changes and create the proxy.

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