What does HTTP proxy mean?

1. HTTP proxy concept

The HTTP proxy is both a Web server and a Web client. This means processing a request from a client and returning a response also sends a request to the HTTP server.

2. Benefits of HTTP proxies

(1) Security

If you visit an insecure website, it is possible that personal privacy information will be leaked, resulting in economic loss.

Using a proxy server, which forwards requests, prevents you from being traced to your local information, creating an alternative firewall.

(2) Is a specific network and specific IP access permission.

We can overcome that limitation with a proxy server. For example: Facebook, YouTube and other foreign websites.

3. Type of HTTP proxy

(1) General proxy

This proxy acts as a middleman, serving as a server to clients connected to it; For the server to connect to, it is the client. It is responsible for sending HTTP packets back and forth between the two ends.

(2) Tunnel proxy

It communicates through the Body part of THE HTTP protocol, and realizes any APPLICATION layer protocol proxy based on TCP through HTTP. This proxy establishes a connection using HTTP's CONNECT method.

(3) Transparent proxy

Also known as simple proxy, the client does not need to know that a proxy server exists, it ADAPTS your request fields and sends real IP addresses.

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