Proxy server restrictions

1. It only provides basic privacy

With an Internet proxy, you only have the security of the IP address. It is supposed to be a simple privacy protection. In addition, this protection can only be enforced if you obtain the site through a proxy site. If you launch a new TAB in your browser or use any program in your own operating system, then you will not receive the exact same privacy protections as your IP address. Therefore, the security provided by Internet proxies is fairly limited and important without providing any innovative features for your users.

2. Obtain the Internet proxy website to use the proxy

While using the proxy site to skip network restrictions, you are actually accessing the target site through the proxy site. For example, if you want to get Reddit if Reddit is blocked in your country, you first visit the proxy site and then enter the Reddit URL from that point in order to be able to get it. In addition, the Reddit site you get will work as a framework under the Internet proxy URL. Therefore, it is quite impractical to use it.

3.Not all websites are fully accessible

In general, Internet proxy is only good for light surfing, and it's great for basic entertainment. Even if your authorities block YouTube, you can still access YouTube and play videos on YouTube without any problem. But you may not be able to do exactly the same thing for different sites. In addition, Web proxies are not appropriate for sites that require you to log into an account to take full advantage of the site. Therefore, if you use a network proxy, you need to consider some limitations.

4. Provide restricted servers for your agents

Internet agents typically only provide you with a limited number of servers in restricted places. For example, it might only provide US hosts for these users, but they might provide quite a few US host names. In general, the Internet proxy you use may not be able to correctly skip zone-protected content, unless you may encounter a proxy that provides a variety of server locations around the globe.

5. Usually poor performance

Because network agents are usually provided for free, and there are many people using the server at the same time, you can't expect these individual servers to provide the best functionality for you. In most cases, the typical problems encountered when using Internet proxies are poor gateways, buffering, neglected traffic, and other issues that can lead to a poor overall experience.

But agents are still considered the best source for automating social media accounts and generating potential customers through account creation and scraping of websites.

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