What are the common scenarios for using proxy servers

1. Network security. When you use a proxy server, your IP address changes. Therefore, traffic sent by your computer is routed to the proxy server.

2. Circumvent geographic restrictions. When using a proxy server, you will be able to bypass restricted web sites in your area.

3. Filter malicious sites. It prevents you from accidentally clicking on phishing sites and links that allow hackers to view your information.

4. Growing social media accounts. When you use a proxy server, it allows you to create and monitor accounts as if they were managed by different people. You can use different IP from different locations.

Scrapping and SEO tools. Web sites typically limit your requests to one IP address. You can use different IP addresses to crawl websites without being banned.

5. Copping Sneakers. You will be able to purchase several pairs of shoes. With agents and robots, it automatically fills out the information sheet and checks your shopping cart for you.

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