Why must Python crawler data collection use proxy technology?

With the rapid popularization and development of the Internet, people have fully entered the era of Internet big data. It can be said that everything in today's work and life is inseparable from data, and the collection and analysis of big data is particularly important.

1.can help individuals and enterprises to provide future planning, to provide users with better experience. So data collection is a very important task.

It's a lot of complicated data. When distributed on different websites, relying on people to collect crawling is not practical, too slow, not in line with the current work efficiency.

2. Data need to be crawled by Python crawlers. Data resources on the network need to be continuously crawled for 24 hours.

A proxy IP is like a mask used to hide the real IP address. But this does not mean that the proxy IP is fake and does not exist. In fact, instead, the proxy'S IP address is a real online IP address. Therefore, real IP can have problems, proxy IP can also occur, such as: network latency, disconnection, etc.; So, we need an alternate IP address to replace it, because crawlers often have a lot of data to crawl and need a lot of alternate IP addresses.

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