Why are most proxy servers so slow

Possible causes of slow network speed

1. The network speed of the proxy IP network server is poor.

Because most users encounter slow access to websites using proxy IP, the first thought is probably to find service providers to deal with, check whether the proxy IP network server problems caused by slow access.

2. The security performance of the proxy IP network server is poor.

Proxy IP is used very slowly for a long time, which may be due to the poor performance of the network server, which cannot bear the work pressure brought by the website access of a large number of users. Therefore, you can test the performance before selecting proxies. The SUN HTTP proxy IP hides a large number of IP addresses

3. The speed of the target site is unstable.

The proxy IP is faster, but the target website is slower and equally powerless.

4. User network speed is slow.

Your own network speed also affects the speed of the proxy IP.

5, the user computer hardware is poor.

The computer's own hardware problems can also affect access and response speed.

How to find the cause of the slow network speed?

1. Check your own network

2. Access the target site when the network is normal.

3. If the preceding conditions are normal, the network speed of the proxy server is poor. In this case, contact the proxy service provider.

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