Can proxies hide IP addresses?

Proxy servers can hide IP addresses.

1.The IP address of the proxy server sends and receives information through the proxy server.

2. each person's operation will be first through the proxy server as a middleman, so that they can protect their real IP address.

3. Proxy IP is a way to solve the limitation. It can not only solve the IP limitation, but also protect its real IP address. Common office computers are LAN IP, also divided into internal IP and external IP. The internal IP address is used for the LAN, and the external IP address is used for the external network.

When we go online normally, we all have an IP address, which is also the only ID card on the Internet. When we use the local IP address to access the Internet, the other party can basically know the access information and IP address ownership, that is, the traces left by the Internet. Although not personally related, many users do not like to use their IP to browse the web, expose their online whereabouts, or need to use IP to break through some business restrictions, so they will use proxy server.