Can a proxy server speed up Internet

As a proxy server, it can solve the network delay and improve the running speed. It has its own memory storage function. When external information passes through or the requested information is updated, it is automatically saved to the buffer. When the user accesses the same information again, the information can be directly taken out of the buffer and sent to the user to improve the network access speed.

This principle is to transit, exchange, such as the width of your home in the end, the data on the other side want to web site, there is a high speed, usually is, of course, go directly to the fastest, but the network is complex, in the process of transmission You may encounter a traffic jam, so this time Roxlabs provides the proxy server is just like a bridge, Let you connect to the server faster, speed up the speed of web browsing.

This is also related to the quality of the proxy server itself. If the proxy server itself has bandwidth limitations, then the network environment will not be very good. The unique feature of Roxlabs architecture is that it can provide one-hop connections for residential agents. Traffic is not routed through end users' devices, so there is no bottleneck. All traffic is routed exclusively through the NetNut network; Do not use a third party computer. Therefore, there is no disconnection or interruption of the proxy network.