Are proxies safe?

Many proxy servers have a reputation as security products that ultimately break security. Agents are designed to check network traffic for security purposes, so are difficult to maintain, and this complexity leads to security issues, creating space for man-in-the-middle attacks.

This is because agents are classified into transparent agents, ordinary anonymous agents and highly anonymous agents.

1. Transparent proxy

A transparent proxy is used to access the target server, which is aware of the proxy and can identify the actual local IP address.

2. Anonymous proxy

An anonymous proxy is used to access a target server whose server knows the proxy is used but cannot recognize the real IP.

3. Highly anonymous proxy

Using a highly anonymous proxy server does not recognize not only your real IP address, but also the proxy you use. So it's always recommended.

Highly anonymous proxies can do a good job of hiding local IP addresses and using masquerading IP addresses to access target sites, thereby breaking the restriction of site IP. Therefore, when choosing proxy IP, you must choose RoxLabs such a residential proxy, with 90 million high anonymous IP, better protect your security.