Which proxy is best for web crawlers

The main reason for changing IP addresses is that many sites can recognize crawler behavior. If your behavior is considered a crawler, it locks your IP and prevents the crawler from getting information.

Note the following when selecting crawler Proxy server:

1. Which protocol proxy IP addresses are required to support this work? Such as HTTP, HTTPS, or Socks5.

2. Whether the number of IP addresses is sufficient. When the number of IP addresses reaches a certain number, different users can switch IP addresses at any time.

3. IP address allocation scope. IP networks spread across the country, covering first, second and third tier cities. Therefore, HTTP proxy servers and services are very large.

4. IP efficiency. There are many free IP agents in the market. Although there are many IP addresses, few are found available at run time. Wiring efficiency is not high, most of the wiring is blocked. It's best not to think about this kind of business, because it won't work.

Staff with some crawler experience should certainly have the experience to explicitly modify IP, or be blocked, which comes to IP proxy security issues. Residential IP is real and more reliable than other types of proxy. Depending on your browsing needs, residential proxycan be used in different areas.