Why do I need to try proxies for crawler web crawling?

Nowadays, for the crawler program, how to avoid the anti-crawler safely is a very common requirement. Using proxy In short, proxy is like an intermediate bridge, so that users can choose the proxy type according to their own needs. With simple operations, users can constantly switch their IP addresses to achieve the purpose of obtaining information normally.

In the process of crawler crawling, websites often encounter anti-crawler system to protect their own data. Crawler will be disabled by anti-crawler system as long as it brings too much pressure to the server of the other party. In order to solve this problem, crawler can only use many IP addresses to share different requirements and crawl data.

Generally speaking, crawler users cannot maintain the server or solve the proxy IP problem by themselves, because of high technical content and high cost.

Of course, many people place proxy IP on the web, but for practicality, stability, and security, free IP is not recommended. Because the free proxy IP on the web may not be available, there is a high probability that the IP will be found unavailable or invalid during use.

Many proxy servers emerge at the moment, basically can provide IP proxy services, the difference lies in the price and effectiveness, RoxLabs not only provides millions of high-quality and stable residential IP resources every day, but also pays more attention to the protection of user privacy and user information security.