What is a proxy and what is its importance?

A proxy is an intermediate server between two devices on a network.

There are dozens of proxy types on the Internet: some change your IP address and protect your identity, while others authenticate users on Wi-Fi networks.

1.Avoid firewalls and bans

Schools, workplaces and even some countries block certain websites. Their firewall and blocking have no effect on the proxy, so you can connect to the proxy server and use it to easily connect to Instagram, Reddit, or Twitter.

2.Automated online processes

Nowadays, automation and greater efficiency are on everyone's mind. With the Internet advancing by leaps and bounds, some things are impossible to do manually. For example, you can't run a travel planning company without a script that automatically checks the price of each flight service.

3.Use multiple accounts and collect data

Marketing agencies, SEO firms, and business consulting firms typically manage hundreds of accounts a day. This includes managing hundreds of Facebook accounts or performing thousands of search engine queries to get data.

4.Protect privacy and improve security

The Internet has become a dangerous place where people are finding ways to use services privately without giving away any sensitive information. Your IP address is some of the most vulnerable information about you because it can determine your location and Internet service provider.

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