What is IP address rotation?

When you use a static proxy server, only one IP address is attached. For web scraping and other forms of automation, you need to use multiple IP addresses to avoid access being blocked. With dynamic IP address rotation, you can achieve this goal. IP rotation is the process by which the IP addresses assigned to your Web requests are not fixed, but change with each request or after a given period of time.

At present, there are many rotating proxy providers in the market, such as RoxLabs global proxy. It has a large proxy pool, which enables you to effectively enjoy proxy IP rotation. Moreover, the dynamic IP provided is residential IP, which can help you efficiently extract data.

In summary, when you attempt to send more than the number acceptable to the site, your access to the site will be denied. In this case, you need to utilize a large number of proxy IP addresses, and then rotate them to visit the site at regular intervals to avoid being blocked by the site.