How do I integrate the proxy manager into the phone?

1. Android Settings

Android and machines using proxy Manager need to share the same WiFi connection

The proxy manager port must whitelist the IP of the Android device

WiFi Network Configuration -> Advanced -> Manual Proxy:

Proxy host: IPV4 address of the machine with proxy manager ($ipconfig/for MAC: $ifconfig)

Port: 24000 (or any other port you create)

2. Set the iPhone (iOS) proxy

The iPhone and the machine using the agent manager need to share the same WiFi connection

Whitelist iPhone IPv4 in the Agent Manager under General

To find IPv4, follow these instructions:

Go to wireless Settings.

Click the blue "I" icon next to the network name.

View your IP address.

Open the Settings app and go to WiFi

Click the name of the WiFi network to which you are connected

Scroll to the bottom and you'll find the HTTP proxy section. The default value is Off. Set it to Manual to manually configure the proxy Settings

Enter the IPv4 address of the server where the agent manager is installed in the server slot

Enter 24000 in the port slot (or any other port you create)

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