What is the use of static IP proxy?

1.Use a static proxy (aka static residential proxy, static IP Proxy) when IP rotation is not for you. Static IP services are used whenever a change of address could result in a block or ban.

Sometimes, IP rotation can cause problems or be banned by the site. This typically occurs when making a purchase on an e-commerce site, creating a social media account, or managing business operations on a classified site. Static proxies allow you to continue using these sites while getting all the benefits of remaining anonymous!

2. Static proxies create unique solutions for businesses that want to protect their brands. Those who seek to profit illegally by abusing a brand's image will often try to prevent these companies from accessing their content. Static agents provide companies with incredible speed to search the Internet for possible copyright infringement or other illegal activities related to their brands, while at the same time, it looks like a real consumer.

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