How to use servers to solve Facebook'S IP block

A proxy server works similarly to a virtual private network. It is, so to speak, an intermediary that connects you indirectly to the web site. In other words, instead of trying to log into Facebook directly from your own IP address and being blocked, a proxy server located elsewhere acts as a middleman between you and the Facebook site and thus never reveals your real location. It's easy to see why using a proxy server is the perfect solution for anyone who wants to access this social media site from a school, office or country that bans it.

In addition, social media marketers can make good use of rotating proxies or a group of proxies, because Facebook servers cannot tell that different accounts are managed by a single computer. Instead, it identifies different ips for different users, making this activity a breeze.

However, if you think that all types of proxies can do this, you are wrong. Free proxies, like free VPN services, do more harm than good.

On the other hand, if you want a Facebook proxy that works and provides you with a reliable, secure and fast connection, then the best choice is to use a paid proxy. In the various Types of Dialing, residential proxy is currently recommended, RoxLabs currently offers 500MB free traffic, Include global IP addresses to prevent IP blocking on Facebook.