How to use the SOCKS5 proxy IP address?

A SOCKS server is a proxy server that can be used for any network protocol type on any port, establishes a connection to the server in the name of the user, and then circulates communication between the user and the server. When using a SOCKS5 server, Proxy Manage will convert any request for port 80 or port 443 into HTTP and HTTPS requests without worrying about which format the target site will accept for the change. For any other port, the communication between the user and the host will not change.

Use SOCKS5 method:

1.Open Proxy Manager

2. Click on a port and then 'Edit Proxy'

3. Add the SOCKS port number under 'General'

4. Go to "Performance" - Set reverse interpretation to DNS

5. Add an interpretation file

  • Add '--resolve PATH' to the program code

  • Follow the host file format

  • List the domain names you will use and their IP addresses

  • On the Proxy Manager 'Tools' page, add the domain name and IP from the resolution file