What crawler proxy to choose?

What proxy servers should be selected based on the source of the crawler? In the previous section, there are two types of proxy servers addresses: residential proxy servers address and equserversment room proxy servers address. They have their own characteristics. Let's have a look.


1. Residential agent servers is usually unconnected, with scattered regional distribution, high success rate, but poor stability


2. The agent servers of the machine room is generally connected, the regional distribution is relatively concentrated, the stability is high, but the success rate is relatively low.


From the price, the machine room agent is cheaper. Therefore, in order to save cost, crawler work should choose the computer room servers agent with lower price, rather than the residential agent servers, so is it really true?


In fact, the best way to crawler is to choose servers. What's wrong with this is that there are many disadvantages to using machine room proxy servers. When using the machine room proxy servers crawler, the target server can identify whether your servers is a proxy servers or not, but because of the high privacy of proxy servers, the server cannot know your real servers address. In this case, the server will have two feedback: the first is a direct denial of the access request; The second is to receive the request but give you the processed data, that is, only the information the server wants you to see. Obviously, in either case, reptiles don't want to see it, especially in the second case, which is terrible.


This problem does not occur with residential proxy servers. Because the target server does not detect the residential proxy servers, the crawler is also used smoothly. Therefore, the crawler's work is best to choose the residential proxy servers.

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