Which proxy is better for use with sneaker robots?

Once sneaker sites find out you're using bots, the first thing they do is block IP addresses. The proxy solves this problem by providing multiple IP addresses. However, proxies must be used correctly. If you use the wrong proxy service, you may end up not getting sneakers and your investment will be wasted.

In general, sneaker robots have two types of proxies, data center proxies and residential proxies.

Secondary companies provide data center proxies. The IP they provide is a combination of numbers, not real. Instead, the residential proxy provides the raw IP address provided by the Internet service provider (ISP). These IP addresses are associated with physical locations to make them appear legitimate.

The risk of being detected using a data center proxy is relatively small, but if you want to keep your chances to zero, residential IP proxies are best suited. Data center proxies are easy to detect because most of the IP they provide uses a single subnet. If the retailer identifies an IP, it blocks the entire subnet. In the case of residential proxies, they are almost never blacklisted because they are associated with isPs. Therefore, it is more recommended to use residential proxies for sneaker robots. Roxlabs offers global regional residential proxy services, 500MB test for new users, welcome to Roxlabs.