How to prevent IP from being blacklisted?

Blacklisting of IP addresses can happen frequently when fetching web data. Here are some of the best ways to prevent being blacklisted while crawling:

1. Using IP rotation service, RoxLabs provides a set of IP to crawl the network. This will avoid sending so many requests using the same IP address and keep your IP secure.

2. Set up popular user proxies for web scraping tools such as Google, Microsoft, etc. Doing so can trick the site into believing that you are visiting their site as a real user. Often, fetching robots forget to display user proxies  and are easy to catch.

3. Try to crawl like a normal user, such as crawling sites 24 hours a day, because normal users will never do this.

Add a referral source url like Google, YouTube or Facebook to your request so that the site owner knows where you're coming from. This will make identifying your request more straightforward, and the site will feel like you are a real user.

Some clever webmasters add honeypot traps to detect crawlers and bots. Your scraping tools and proxies should avoid such traps by browsing the site as a real user and avoiding clicking on hidden links.