Why use a residential proxy?

1. Used for advertising verification

AD verification ensures that your AD appears on the appropriate site. It also analyzes fraud, fake clicks and displays on ads. If you run an international or multilingual advertising campaign, you must check to see if it appears. Residential proxies are able to check how ads are displayed in other countries to make necessary changes or monitor them in a timely manner.

2. Cooperate with robot to detect and buy sneakers

Shoe websites often post limited-edition sneakers. Because these sneakers are made in limited quantities, not many people can handle them. That's because many shoppers use robots to check sneakers immediately after arriving at the site. But to use a robot to detect sneakers, you need a residential proxy. E-commerce sites can quickly identify robots, but when used in combination with residential proxies, the robots look like regular users buying sneakers.

In addition, proxies often change your IP address, enabling you to purchase more sneakers than the retailer allows.

3. It is used for e-commerce platform to check the discounts of different regions

Many e-commerce sites run geolocation offers for location-specific customers. For example, in the United States, e-commerce stores run Black Friday sales, while in the United Kingdom and Canada, they organize Boxing Day sales.

The residential proxy allows you to access the site by changing your local IP to access these transactions and save on shopping.

4. For market research

Search platforms such as Google offer different results based on the searcher's location. The residential proxy allows you to search through local IP requests for the most accurate data. In addition, you can use a rotating residential agent to conduct competitive research through the web crawl. Web crawlers take your market research to the next level by aggregating, organizing, and processing data from vast amounts of competitors. Rotating residential agents often change your IP address, making it difficult for websites to identify and block your web crawlers.

5. Manage multiple accounts on the platform

Social media has become an integral part of our lives. Both individuals and businesses. Everyone is taking full advantage of social media. However, each social media platform limits the number of accounts you can manage.

For example, Instagram allows you to manage up to five accounts, while Facebook only allows you to create one. If the company catches you, all your accounts will be banned. But with a private residential proxy, you can manage as many social handles as you need. What's more, residential Proxy allows you to use social media automation tools without fear of platform blocking.