Why do crawlers use HTTP proxies?

Actually, this sentence has nothing to do with you. HTTP proxy IP is used to replace a user's IP address to help the user do something on the network. For web crawlers, I'll talk about the use of HTTP proxy IP.

1. With the advent of the cloud era, big data has attracted more and more attention.

The strategic significance of big data technology is not only to master a large amount of data information, but also to make all walks of life have strong development ability through the analysis of these data, and the role of web crawler is to collect and sort out these data.

2, in a sense, many large websites on the Network will set up anti-crawler strategy.

The value of HTTP proxy IP is reflected in the fact that it is easy to block IP when information is frequently fetched.

Using an HTTP proxy to access a web site effectively hides your IP address and makes it look like you're a new user. Before using HTTP proxy IP addresses, select an appropriate service provider based on your requirements. A good IP address can be maintained by a dedicated person.

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