What are the benefits of reverse proxies

1.Load balancing - A popular website with millions of daily users may not be able to handle all incoming site traffic using a single source server. Instead, sites can be distributed across pools of servers, all of which process requests to the same site. In this case, a reverse proxy can provide a load-balancing solution that evenly distributes incoming traffic between different servers to prevent any single server from being overloaded. If the server fails completely, other servers can step up to handle traffic.

2. Prevent attacks - With a reverse proxy, a website or service never needs to reveal the IP address of its original server. This makes it harder for attackers to take advantage of targeted attacks against them, such as DDoS attacks. Instead, attackers can only target reverse proxies, such as Cloudflare's CDN, which will have tighter security and more resources to defend against cyber attacks.

3. Global Server Load Balancing (GSLB) - In this form of load balancing, a website can be distributed across multiple servers around the world, and reverse proxies send clients to the servers closest to them geographically. This reduces the distance that requests and responses need to travel, minimizing load time.

4. Caching - Reverse proxies can also cache content to improve performance. For example, if a user in Paris visits a reverse proxy site in Los Angeles with a Web server, that user might actually connect to a local reverse proxy server in Paris, which must then communicate with the original server in Los Angeles. You can then cache (or temporarily save) the response data. Users in Paris who then browse the site will get a locally cached version from the Paris reverse proxy server for faster performance.

5.SSL Encryption - Encrypting and decrypting SSL (or TLS) communications for each client can be computationally expensive for the source server. A reverse proxy can be configured to decrypt all incoming requests and encrypt all outgoing responses, freeing valuable resources on the source server.

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