Why use a forward proxy?

1.Avoid state or institutional browsing restrictions - some governments, schools, and other organizations use firewalls to give their users access to limited versions of the Internet. Forward proxies can be used to get around these restrictions because they let users connect to the proxy rather than directly to the site they are visiting.

2. Block access to certain content - Conversely, proxies can be set up to block access to certain sites by a group of users. For example, a school network might be configured to connect to the network through agents that enable content filtering rules and refuse to forward responses from Facebook and other social media sites.

3. Protect their online identity. In some cases, ordinary Internet users simply want to increase online anonymity, but in other cases, local governments where Internet users live can impose severe consequences on dissidents. Using forwarding proxies to connect to the sites where they post sensitive comments makes it harder to trace the IP addresses used to post comments back to dissidents. Only the IP address of the proxy server is visible.

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