How does VPN make browsing secure

1.When you browse the Internet, there are thousands of malicious users who just want to snoop on your activities and try to steal the personal data you share over the Internet. When you share data over an unencrypted connection, it can be easily intercepted and potentially compromised. Then, someone can use your personal ID and information to go on a crime spree, and you will be held responsible for their crimes.

2. On top of that, the recent WPA2 vulnerability left Wi-Fi connections around the world defenseless against malicious users. WPA2 has vulnerabilities that could allow hackers to access your connection if they want to. The only protection you can get is when your ISP upgrades your router firmware. Until then, the best protection is to use a VPN.

When you use a VPN, your connection is encrypted. This means that no one can see the data you share on the network. As a result, malicious users have no way of knowing when you're sharing content they might be interested in.

Even if they intercept a lot of your traffic and analyze it, they can't decipher the content because it's protected by strong VPN encryption.

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