How to implement anonymity in VPN?

When an Internet user opens his or her browser page, the IP address is always visible to the Web server of the target page. The IP address that belongs to you can easily be used to track what you are accessing or online.

1.The VPN works by using the basic concept of IP addresses. When you connect to a good VPN, it hides your real IP address and provides you with an anonymous address. With a new IP, you will have a new identity.

That way, no one can determine who you are and link you to the activities you perform online.

2. However, not all VPNS guarantee anonymity. For a VPN to give you anonymity, it must first have a zero logging policy, which Hideser VPN is very proud of.

Second, it must keep you anonymous from the start. Anonymous VPNS must allow you to pay for subscriptions using cryptocurrencies. That's because cryptocurrencies leave no trace of who you really are.

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