What is the difference between a free proxy and a paid proxy?

With a proxy server, proxy addresses are constantly added. At a macro level, however, IP proxy addresses fall into two categories: free and paid. What's the difference between the two? Now, this article explains the difference between a free agent and a paid agent.


1.The difference is that people have to pay for shopping, and they have to spend money.


And do not need any money consumption, can be directly set to use. Although free can save money, its reliability and security needs careful consideration.


2.The difference between the two is security.


In contrast, paid IP proxy addresses are more reliable and secure. But freedom is not safe, even then use effect is very good, a long time will naturally appear a lot of unnecessary trouble. Therefore, many people do not choose free proxy servers. At the end of the day, insecurity can cause a lot of trouble.


3. Differences in setting methods.


Usually the setup method for free is the same, but the configuration and process for charging varies from proxy server to proxy server.


4. Different access speeds.


In general, paying users tend to have a large amount of storage space and can respond to a large amount of new information stored at the first time, greatly improving access speed.


This section describes the differences between free IP proxy addresses and paid IP proxy addresses. These two differences have contributed to the growth of all types of paid proxy IP. The selection of conventional black - core dynamic IP proxy is the basis of ensuring access security and speed.

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