What are the different VPN protocols?

VPN connections use encrypted connections, also known as tunnels. This VPN connection can be established in a number of ways (protocols). These protocols ensure that your data remains secure and unreadable by others. The most common VPN protocols are:

1.OpenVPN: OpenVPN is one of the most widely used VPN protocols.

2.IPsec/L2TP: This protocol combines IPsec for data encryption and L2TP for establishing secure connections.

3.IKEv2/IPsec: IKEv2 is an ipSec-based protocol.

4.PPTP: PPTP (Point-to-point tunneling Protocol) was one of the first widely used protocols.

5.Softether: Unlike the other VPN protocols mentioned so far, Softether is not a stand-alone protocol, but an open source application that works across different platforms and provides support for VPN protocols.

6.WireGuard: WireGuard is a relatively new protocol and is becoming increasingly popular.

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