Why do web crawlers use proxies?

The proxy server sits between your web scraping tool and the web site it's crawling from, and your HTTP request for any web site will first pass through the proxy server, which will then relay its request to the target web site. The target web site will not know that the request came from you or a proxy server, thus preventing your IP from being blocked by the web site.

1. The proxy masks the IP address of your fetching tool

The main advantage of using a proxy is that it allows you to remain anonymous for all your online activities.

2. Proxy helps you avoid IP blocking

With a proxy, even if IP access is blocked, it can be easily resolved by switching to another proxy server.

3. Proxies help you bypass restrictions set by the target site

Proxies can help you overcome this limitation by distributing requests among multiple proxies so that the target site can see that the requests are coming from different users.

4. Faster load times

The proxy server caches the data the first time you request it. The next time it receives a request for the same data, the proxy server returns the cached data, saving valuable time and reducing load times.

5. Better security

By using proxies, you can filter out malicious requests and users from accessing your site. In addition to the other benefits discussed above, proxies can provide you with an additional layer of protection.