How to set up a dynamic server address pool?

In today's Internet, many industries require dynamic server, such as SEO optimization. Crawler. Internet marketing. Finance, etc. Therefore, many people hope to achieve a breakthrough in server switching by establishing server pool. Then how to establish a dynamic server pool?


1. Climb free proxy server addresses to create a dynamic server address pool.


There are many free proxy server services in the market, and the method of establishing dynamic server pool by using free proxy is very common and relatively common. Since it's free, which means it costs nothing, most people are surprised by the word "free." However, this method is more complex to operate, there are many tutorials to share online, if you are interested in the Internet to find the relevant project, here does not elaborate on how to climb to build.


2, buy a dial-up server, establish a dynamic server pool.


Buy a dial-up server to set up a dynamic server pool is also the choice of many friends. Buy a certain number of servers, spend some time writing code, or combine it with off-the-shelf software on the web, and set up a proxy dynamic server pool. The server pool resources constructed by this method are exclusively owned by one person and the working effect is good. However, in the long run, the maintenance cost of the server is relatively high, and it needs regular maintenance. If it takes a lot of time, if it is an individual installation, the later maintenance cost is also too high. If you are not a high-end player, it is recommended to build server pool in this way.


3. Purchase proxy server addresses and create a dynamic server address pool.


Many friends want to buy proxy server services, because proxy server services save time and effort and the effect is better. Compared with the free proxy server, the paid proxy server must pay a certain cost, but the server resources are real server, and has high secrecy and stability.

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