What can be done to prevent dynamic proxy IP addresses from being blocked?

In the process of using web crawler to collect data, it is easy to trigger the anti-crawler mechanism of the website, so it will cause IP blocking. If IP is blocked, it is almost impossible. To avoid frequent blocking of dynamic proxy IP addresses, it is important to learn anti-blocking techniques. The following professionals will introduce tips on how to avoid blocked dynamic proxy IP addresses.


1. Reduce the speed at which you get data from your site.


Generally speaking, when IP visits websites, the speed of data collection is relatively normal, and many people improve the speed of collection in order to quickly complete the collection task, so it is easy to cause suspicion of websites, so as to detect IP, once found IP must be found.


2, the use of excellent proxy IP, proxy IP is also divided into many kinds, some free IP is very easy to seal.


Therefore, it is recommended that you directly spend money to buy high-quality proxy IP. As long as the number of such IP addresses is large, IP addresses can be changed constantly, greatly reducing the possibility of data collection from the same IP address, and IP cannot be blocked easily.


3. Camouflage web crawlers.


Technicians engaged in data collection work have known for a long time that data camouflage at the beginning of web crawler is very important, and it is difficult for websites to detect web crawler disguised as real users. Try to mimic the user's behavior as realistically as possible. Don't be like a machine constantly collecting data, so that the site catches the real user by catching you.


For dynamic proxy IP, the possibility of blocking a dynamic proxy IP is very small, because its own IP is always changing, not the same IP. If you use these IP addresses to collect data and the data is frequently blocked, it indicates that you bought inferior IP addresses and need to be replaced as soon as possible.

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