How to solve the problem of IP restriction website?

When you use a crawler to crawl data on a site, the IP can easily be blocked. Web sites generally implement anti-crawl mechanisms to prevent crawlers from accessing or retrieving any data from the web site. When you visit a site with a specific IP address for a long time and repeatedly visit the same links, the site will recognize you and block your IP. So, are there any good solutions?

1. Follow the rules of the target web server

Because crawler is to retrieve a certain amount of data at a certain time, it will attack the website at a certain time point, resulting in poor performance of the website. The best way to prevent this is to adjust the crawl speed to a normal level so that the data is retrieved for you and the IP is not prohibited. Attention should be paid to the adjustment of the speed after the test, so as to select the most appropriate speed for grasping.

2. Use a rotating proxy IP address

Using a single IP to perform crawl requests on multiple sites, or to visit different pages at the same time, makes it easy to let the site owner know that the IP used on the site is a crawler. Selecting proxies that allow automatic IP rotation within a certain period of time reduces the possibility of IP lockout.

3. Crawl mode should not be too simple

Websites can use IP browsing mode to determine whether a visitor is a robot, so you need to set a mode to access random links on the page to make it more like a normal visit.

In fact, the best way to avoid IP blocking is to use rotating residential proxy IP. Roxlabs is a well-known crawler proxy, providing rotating residential proxy IP, which can help you to crawl data more efficiently.