How does the proxy server collect data

1.The exit node of the proxy server consists of IP provided by the data center server or peers (real devices) originating from the mobile or residential network. Each network type provides a different IP type that provides specific advantages. Data center IP is often used for mass crawls at target sites. Residential IP and mobile IP networks allow users to forward requests through peers within the network to simulate the real users in the geolocation they need.

2.The main purpose of using a proxy server is to ensure that the target site only sees the exit node and not the source of the request. This can be used for security, to collect location-specific data, or to view a site using different user agents (such as mobile phones versus desktop computers), often for data aggregation, validation, testing, and so on. Proxy servers provide the ability to obtain the most accurate network data by eliminating the targeting bias of the Internet.

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