How to choose a proxy service provider?

The selection of proxy service providers mainly depends on the following points:

1. Determine the number of proxy IP addresses.

The more proxy IP addresses a user has, the more proxy IP resources a user can select, and the less likely it is to share an IP address with others, making the connection with a proxy IP address more secure.

2. Investigate the coverage rate of IP resources nationwide.

If the coverage of IP resources in the whole country is small, the interaction between IP addresses is easy to cause unstable connections. Therefore, the more IP resources available nationwide, the more reliable IP quality will be.

3. Professional and reliable technical team.

Generally speaking, high-quality IP resources need to be paid. If the paid IP proxy does not have a professional after-sales team to support it, then do not choose such an IP proxy service provider.

4. Check whether the IP address pool can be accessed independently.

Exclusive IP pool is the top priority of high-quality proxy IP, but the number of exclusive IP pool in the market is very small, it can be said that there is basically no exclusive IP pool at all. Exclusive IP pool, can ensure that the user's autonomy and control, but also do not worry about a person implicated, their own suffering.

5. Check whether IP proxies are all classes.

IP proxy is divided into static shared IP, static exclusive IP, dynamic exclusive IP, single window exclusive IP, and process IP proxy. You can choose what you want according to your needs.

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