The difference between proxy servers and VPN?

Internet use varies from person to person. Some people need to visit overseas websites, while others just need to look at domestic websites. The different access and usage choices of different populations facilitate different types of web products.

1. A virtual private network is a form of communication commonly used to connect private networks between large and medium-sized enterprises or groups of people.

Information in a virtual private network is transmitted through a public network architecture such as the Internet. The tunnel protocol is used to secure private messages, such as confidentiality, sender authentication and message accuracy.

2.To some extent, proxy server is also a kind of virtual private network. Proxy servers enhance the security of the Internet.

In addition to acting as firewalls, agents also act as the public-facing side of computer networks. All other network users are still overwritten by the IP address of the proxy server. Hackers trying to access certain devices on the network will have a hard time finding it.

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