Why do network celebrities live use proxy servers?

Actually is not known, the popularity of some net red can be brushed out, proxy servers played a key role. The role played by the basic popularity of stars' live broadcast cannot be ignored.


1. there is no proxy servers network red live.


In recent years, if there is one thing that is the hottest on the Internet, Internet celebrities and live streaming are definitely among the top. There are not only old douyu and YY, but also up-and-comers panda and Wukong. You'll see an increasingly popular kind of interaction on the live interfaces of these platforms. When you become a star, you have a lot of popularity, which means you are more popular.


2. In the field of star live broadcasting, proxy servers not only plays an important role, but also has been widely used in other fields.


Such as web crawlers, voting registration, effect patches and so on. Using a high-quality servers proxy resource can make your work more efficient and achieve twice the result with half the effort.

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