What does socks5 proxy mean?

Socks5 proxy:

Based on the previous version, the SOCK5 proxy protocol supports UDP proxy and authentication. This is not a "protocol broker", so it only brokers all connections and does not deal with any protocols.

Here's how Google Chrome and Firefox are set up and used.

1. Use the Socks5 proxy IP on Google Chrome to upgrade the latest version of Chrome and install the switchyOmega extender.

2. Open SwitchyOmega extension options, right-click the SwitchyOmega extension icon, and click "Options" in the drop-down menu to enter the SwitchyOmega extension options setting function.

3. Add socks5 proxy scenario mode, click "New Scenario Mode" in the figure above, enter the socks5 proxy name into the name of the new scenario mode, select "Proxy Server", and click "Create" button.

4. Set the Socks5 proxy scenario mode, select The Socks5 proxy protocol, enter the SOcks5 proxy server ADDRESS and port number, and set the parameters on the Application Options button.

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