How to choose a proxy service?

1. Select an IP address based on the proxy IP address pool

The larger the proxy IP address pool is, the smaller the probability of IP address duplication is and the more proxy IP addresses can be used. The daily traffic of some large IP proxy service providers reaches hundreds of thousands to millions. Users can use proxy IP addresses as required. At the same time, the larger the IP pool is, the higher the cost is, which proves that the comprehensive strength of the supplier is stronger and the after-sales service and product quality are more guaranteed.

2. Select based on the IP address distribution range

IP coverage is the distribution range of line nodes. The more global the better. If IP is distributed in only a few areas, it is easy to be affected by the near and far communication of network nodes. Moreover, for users who need to select proxy IP addresses based on regions, the more regions the better.

3. Select according to the effective connectivity rate.

Some proxy IP service providers have large IP pools, described as millions, but low connection efficiency is meaningless. For a simple example, the efficiency of 100,000 proxy IP addresses in an IP pool is more than 90%, and the efficiency of one million proxy IP addresses in an IP pool is about 10%. Which one do you want? Although the latter proxy IP is more effective, it is inefficient to use and wastes a lot of time and cost.

4. IP purity means that the fewer IP users, the better, will not conflict with their own business.

IP purity means that as few IP users as possible do not conflict with their own business. For example, exclusive IP pool, a person to use, IP purity of the highest ten thousand people ride proxy IP, cheap, but the lowest purity, can not use business conflict.

The above are several ways to judge the quality of proxy IP, of course, you know the test is also clear. Therefore, each person's business has different requirements for IP.

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