What can crawler technology do?

Functions of crawler technology: 1. Web crawler is an important part of search engine. It can help search engine to find the web pages related to the search topic. 2. Create data sets for research, commercial or other purposes.


The role of crawling technology:


With the rapid development of the Internet and the Internet of Things, the interaction between people and the network has become increasingly prominent. Every time we search the Internet, web crawlers can help us get the information we need. In addition, when accessing large amounts of unstructured data from the Web, we can use Webcraft to get the data.


1. Web crawlers are an important part of search engines.


Implement a search engine or search function on any portal site using the Focus Web crawler. This helps search engines find the most relevant web pages.


Web crawlers are very helpful to search engines, providing users with relevant and valid content and creating snapshots of all visited web pages.


2. Set up a database.


Another good application is to create data sets for research, business, or other purposes.


Understand and analyze netizens' behavior toward companies or organizations.


  • Collect marketing information to make better short-term marketing decisions.

  • Collect information on the Internet and conduct academic research on it.

  • Collect data and analyze long-term development trends of the industry.

  • Monitor competitor movements in real time.

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