How do I use a proxy server to check messages

1.Select a free proxy server.

2. Set up the proxy in Internet Exploder by selecting Tools and Internet Options. Then click the Connect TAB. Select LAN and select the Use a proxy server for this connection or for your LAN option. Type the address of the proxy server in the address box and the port number in the port box. Click OK.

3. If Mozilla Firefox is your preferred browser, configure your Settings in Mozilla Firefox. From the browser menu, select Edit, Preferences, and Advanced. Click Proxy and select Manual Proxy Configuration. Type the proxy server address in the address box and the port number in the Port box. Then select OK.

4. If the Opera browser is your preferred browser, use it to connect to the proxy. Click the Tools option on the menu and select Preferences. Then click the Advanced TAB and click Networking. Select Proxy Server, enter the server address in the Address text box, and the port number in the Port text box. Click OK to complete the task.

5. Log in to your email client and access your email as usual.

If you need multiple different proxy IP, we recommend using RoxLabs