How do I configure proxy Settings

1.Click Internet Options at the bottom of the Network and Sharing Center window. Click the Connections TAB in the Internet Properties window.

2. Highlight the name of the dial-up connection you created, and then click Settings.

3. Click and enable the Use a proxy server for this connection (these Settings will not apply to other connections) option.

4. Enter the IP address of the proxy server in (without quotation marks) format. Or, to use "" (without quotes) format enter proxy server URL address. Enter the port number used to access the Web server on the proxy server. The default "80" value in the port field applies to many proxy servers. However, if the proxy server you want to connect to uses a different port number, replace "80" with the correct value.

5. Click Advanced, and enable the Use the same server for all protocols option in the Proxy Settings window. Click ok.

6. In the dialup connection Settings window, click OK. Click Apply, and then OK to save the proxy Settings for the dial-up connection and close the Internet Properties window.

7. On the taskbar, click the Network icon in the Quick Start tray next to the date and time. Click the dial-up connection name in the Dial-up and VPN section of the Connections pane, and then click Connect. After Windows establishes a dial-up connection, browse the Internet as usual.

If you need multiple different proxy IP, we recommend using RoxLabs