What if the crawler has a problem?


At least half of the traffic on the Internet is caused by crawlers. Many enterprises use crawlers to collect data. Although crawlers are widely used, they often encounter problems, which lead to problems in information collection.


1. Confusion.


Although we have successfully caught the web page information, we can not successfully carry out data analysis, many times we capture the web page information, we will find that the information we capture is garbled.


2. Update your website frequently.


The information on the Internet is always constantly updated, therefore, when we crawl information, we need to operate on it regularly, that is, to set the time interval of crawl information, so as not to crawl the web server update, and what we do is not hard.


3. Data analysis.


In fact, at this stage, basically we have achieved a great success, but the workload of data analysis is very large, and it still takes a lot of time to complete large-scale data analysis.


Some sites ban crawlers.


Some sites in order to prevent some malicious crawling, will set up anti-crawling procedures, you will find clearly a lot of data displayed in the browser, but can not catch.

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