What is a proxy server?

As an intermediate program between the server and the client, the proxy server is mainly used to forward the client's network access requests. However, a proxy server does more than just forward requests directly to a real Internet server. It can also control user behavior, make decisions about incoming customer requests, and filter user requests according to filtering rules.


With a proxy server, network administrators can implement more stringent security policies than with a packet-filtering router. Instead of using a generic packet-filtering router to manage the traffic of Internet services through a firewall, a proxy server installs a special code (proxy service) through a gateway for each required application. If a network administrator does not install a proxy service code for a particular service, that service will not be supported and the corresponding customer requests will not be forwarded through the firewall. Moreover, such proxy server code can be configured to support only some of the features that a network administrator would consider acceptable if nothing else.

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