What are the VPN types

Here are some important VPN types:

1. Remotely access the VPN

A remote access VPN helps users connect to a virtual private network and remotely access all of its services and resources.

The connection tunnel between the user and the virtual private network is established over the Internet. This makes the connection completely private and secure. This type of VPN is useful for both home and business users.

2. Site-to-site VPN

Site-to-site VPNS are also known as router-to-router VPNS. It is mainly used by large companies or organizations with offices in different locations. This helps companies connect networks from one office to another.

3. OpenVPN:

OpenVPN is an open source VPN that allows the use of a wide range of encryption algorithms.

4. The PPTP:

PPTP is a VPN that is fast and easy to set up but very insecure.

5. L2TP:

It is secure and easy to start, but slower than OpenVPN.

6. LKEV2:

Compared with PPTP and L2TP, this type of VPN server is faster. It supports AES 128, AES 192, AND AES G56. However, it is not supported on many platforms.

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