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The growing need for big data is prompting people to dive into the data ocean.

Web crawlers play an important role in crawling web pages ready to be indexed. Today, the three main ways that people grab data on the Web are:

Use the public API provided by the site


Write web crawlers


Use an automated web crawler

With my expertise in web scraping, I will discuss four free online web scraping tools (web scraping, data extraction, data scraping) for beginners.

What does the web crawler do?


Web scraping tools are designed to crawl or grab data from web sites.


We can also call it a web harvesting tool or data extraction tool (actually it has many nicknames, such as web crawler, web crawler, data scraping tool, spider) it scans the web and searches the content quickly, and collects data on a web page. Large scale. One nice thing that comes with web crawlers is that users don't have to deal with any coding skills. That said, it should be user-friendly and easy to use.

Web crawlers can help people gather a lot of information for later access.

A powerful web crawler should be able to export the collected data to a spreadsheet or database and keep it in the cloud. Therefore, extracted data can be added to an existing database through the API. You can choose the web crawler as required.

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