How do I set up a proxy using an autoconfiguration script

By default, Windows 10 is set to automatically detect proxy Settings. However, this may not work when you are connected to a company's business network. One way to set up a proxy is to specify the script address provided to you by your network administrator or your company'S IT department. Use a proxy server configuration script, please note that the address is similar to the URL (web address), such as http://my.proxy.server:8000/.

To set up the proxy using the automatic configuration script, perform the following steps:

1. Enable Settings.

2. Click Network and Internet.

A list of network and Internet related Settings appears.

3. Click Proxy.

A list of available proxy Settings appears.

4. In the Automatic proxy Settings section, set the use setup script switch to on.

5. Enter the script address provided to you. Then click Save.

6. Disable the Settings.

If you need multiple different proxy IP, we recommend using RoxLabs